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Affordability Calculator

C.A.R. Purchasing Power Calculator!

Are you dreaming of finding your perfect home, but not sure where to start?

We’ve got you covered with our C.A.R. Purchasing Power Calculator! It’s here to make the home-buying process super simple and easy to understand for everyone.

So, what exactly does this fantastic tool do? Let us break it down for you:

  • Know Your Budget: First things first, we help you figure out how much you can afford. Just select your county of residence, and voilà! You’ll get a clear picture of what’s within your budget.

  • Find Your Dream Home: Ever wondered how many homes are up for grabs in the price range you can afford? Our C.A.R. Purchasing Power Calculator shows you all the active listings that match your budget, broken down by city.

  • Bedroom Bliss: Want a specific number of bedrooms? No problem! You can easily see what’s available in your desired bedroom count, making your house-hunting a breeze.

  • Property Type Paradise: Whether you’re into single-family homes, condos, or something else entirely, our tool not only shows you the share of active listings by property type but also the total number of active listings by property type in your selected city.

  • Affordable Monthly Payments: We understand that your monthly budget matters. You can pick your desired monthly payment as a percentage of your income, so you’re in control.

Ready to start using it? Begin your journey towards finding the home of your dreams with C.A.R. Purchasing Power Calculator below! 🏡👇


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