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Down Payment Help

The funds for the down payment are readily available. Let’s find it!

A lot of buyers find themselves in a situation where they have the funds to make a monthly mortgage payment but do not have the funds for a down payment or closing costs. A conventional down payment can start at 3% of the purchase price of the home. With closing costs around 2%, it can be difficult for buyers to qualify.

What is Down Payment Assistance?

Down payment assistance can provide grants or low-interest loans.

These loans may have very low or no interest rates. The payment may be deferred or forgiven each year the buyer stays in the home. There are over 2,000 programs nationwide. State, county and city governments run many of the programs. Home buyers could potentially be in line for thousands of dollars in down payment assistance if they qualify for the program.

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We can help you determine if down payment assistance is right for you.

Here are the steps:

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